Aussie and Lily

AAussie-Lily-2ussie came from the Lawrence humane society at 5 months old. She is 7 and her birthday is earth day. We celebrate with ice cream every year. Aussie is an Australian, German Shepherd mix and as smart as a whip. She can learn any trick quickly, police’s her bully breed brothers, can herd cattle and can tell time. She loves going to see her hospice friends and sit next to them during bingo or during a special goodbye. Aussie loves everyone, even children. So when you see us out come on up, she’ll be elated that you recognize her.

Bella and Laura

BBella-Lauraella is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix we adopted from a Doberman and Pitt Bull rescue in Illinois. My daughters found Bella on petfinder.com after I told them to look for a Cavalier to join our family. I’ve always loved spaniels for their sweetness and intelligence. Their search came up with over 50 Cavaliers scattered across the US, but Bella’s picture and story touched our hearts the most. Bella was taken from a home that had too many dogs that were not being cared for. She had three puppies and had been caged for most of her life. It turned out that Bella was being fostered in Terra Haute, Indiana, right on our path from Kansas to Ohio, a trip we make to my parents’ several times a year. After a few calls to the rescue agency, we had a plan to pick her up after her three puppies were weaned. We drove to Terra Haute and picked up Bella in June 2012. She had never been walked on a leash, did not know how to eat food from a bowl (they had scattered the food on the floor), was very afraid of noise and traffic, and was not house-trained. However, she proved to be a very smart Spaniel and fit in very quickly with our family! She enjoys cuddling, earning treats, and wrestling with our cat, KitKat. With such a sweet disposition, I started looking into training her to become a therapy dog. She took one formal class before beginning her training to be a pet therapy dog. In November 2014, Bella passed her test to become a therapy dog. She loves being read to and pet at the Tail Wagging Readers at the Lawrence Public Library.

Brahma and Raven

BBrahma-Raven-720x380rahma has been good at stealing hearts and bringing smiles to faces since his birth. In fact, I’m certain he was destined for therapy work. For a boxer, he is as calm as they come….but don’t let him fool you! He will run circles around most dogs, loves to play ball and is a forever CLOWN. Brahma is the youngest certified therapy dog on the Loving Paws team, having just had his first birthday. He loves working with young people, but some of his best work has happened in Hospice. His favorite color is blue and his girlfriend’s name is Ellie (the boxer).

Buddy and Collette

BBuddy-and-Colette-Gachesuddy is a five year old Scottipoo who loves to play ball and wrestle with his younger sister, Mia. He likes listening to kids read to him at the Lawrence Public Library’s Tail Wagging Readers two Saturdays a month. He has a sweet personality and would like to meet you!

Chaaya, Diya, Arvind and Bhargavi

MDiya-Chaaya-Arvind-Bhargaviy name is Chaaya and I am the black labrador in the picture. My name means Shadow in Hindi. This is my sister, Diya, the tan colored puppy. Her name means Light in Hindi. We are the world’s silliest sisters, and we love being there for each other. My sister chews on my ears and legs for fun, and I think she likes it. We both love the snow, and we chomp on it while we chase each other. Mumma and Dadda brought us home from the animal shelters in Lawrence and Ottawa, KS. My sister and I, both say grace before our meals and we know a lot of tricks too. 😀 We love aunty Raven because she gave us a job and a purpose.

Chicken and Nicole

CChicken-and-Nicolehicken found Nicole as a 2.5 pound stray over 4 years ago and neither of their lives have been the same since. A feisty tiny dog with a funny name, Chicken never fails to make people smile. She uses her charm and enthusiastic snuggles to make friends everywhere she goes. Their favorite spots in Lawrence to visit as a team are Mass Street, Pawsh Wash and our therapy visits. We can’t wait to meet you!

Chloe and Megan

CChloe-Meganhloe found her forever home with Megan in January of 2011 when she was just 7 weeks old. Chloe is a sassy “miniature” dachshund who loves attention, especially belly rubs. Since Chloe was a puppy, she has always made people smile– whether it’s from the love and cuddles she gives, her silly tricks, or just her ‘weenie dog’ appearance. She is great with children, adolescents, and individuals with special needs. Chloe seems to have a sixth sense for people who need a little more patience, love, and understanding. As a speech-language pathologist, Megan always wanted to have Chloe certified as a therapy dog so she could spread her love and companionship with others. Since becoming certified in the summer of 2014, Chloe has enjoyed “going to work” to meet new people and rake in the belly rubs. Megan and Chloe are very excited and honored to be a part of this amazing organization!!

Curtis and Marianne

MCurtis-Kayla-Marianney name is Curtis. I’m a hound mix, about 10 years old, although I never reveal my true age. I was found on the side of a road in Virginia when I was about a year old. I lived in a shelter for over a year before my mom (Marianne) found me, adopted me, and brought me to Maryland. She moved me and my hyper yellow lab sister to Kansas about two years ago. Marianne works at KU, directing a research center in the School of Education. We love people, especially children.

Emma Grace, Christy, and Shane

AEmma-Sophie-Sue-Shane-Christyfter adopting our first dog from the Lawrence Humane Society, our family began volunteering at this wonderful organization. One day we shared that we wanted to adopt a companion and were promptly introduced to the most adorable puppy and instantly fell in love. Emma Grace was found wandering the streets of Lawrence at a mere 4 weeks old and had the scrappy street savvy personality to prove it. She was boisterous, feisty and all attitude. It is almost impossible to believe that this bundle of energy turned into the calm, mellow sweetheart she is today.
As a lab mix, Emma Grace is a great running companion, swimmer and a frisbee fetcher. Her true specialty, however, is sitting close and listening. Just a few minutes with this gentle spirit can change your outlook immediately. Her demeanor is so well suited for animal therapy and she enjoys her time meeting others. One look into her sweet brown eyes and you’ll be hooked!

Fia and Erin

MFia-and-Eriny parents brought Fia and I together in the spring of my senior year of college. I had just been accepted to medical school and would be moving to a new city, so I needed a companion to keep me company and help keep my life balanced as a medical student. From the start, Fia was clearly born to be a therapy dog. She absolutely adores people, especially children, and has great intuitive sense for when people need a little extra love. She is my therapy dog, too – she reminds me to appreciate the little things in life and I cannot imagine my life without her. I started thinking that she might be a great partner in the future when I work as a doctor in a hospital setting, and this therapy dog work is the first step in that direction. I hope to go into an area of medicine where we can work together, and so far she is loving the wide variety of opportunities she gets to connect with people as a Loving Paws volunteer.

Gunner and Meghan

I adopted Gunner when he was 6 months old after I moved to Lawrence from St. Louis for work. He was very shy when I first met him and cried any time he lost sight from his brother at the Humane Society. Once I found out that his brother had been adopted, I knew I couldn’t leave Gunner behind. I brought him home and he warmed up to my family & me immediately. His personality is so playful and fun-loving– he’s definitely not shy anymore! He loves running around at the dog park (he’s actually quite fast!), going for car rides, and meeting new dogs and people. Having Gunner has shown me how much animals truly enrich people’s lives. Their unconditional love, loyalty, and trust is unbreakable. It has been a joy being Gunner’s ‘mom’ and watching his personality come alive as he’s grown. I’m excited to share Gunner along with all the love and support he’s capable of giving with others!

Gus and Nancy

BGus-Nancyio coming soon…

Jackson and Jen

JJen and Jacksonackson found the Sherwood family when he was just 5 weeks old. A normal size ball of fluff when we brought him home from the Lawrence Humane Society, he grew and grew until he was a full head taller than and weighed double that of a standard Golden. Jack enjoys rough-housing with our other Golden, Zoey and playing fetch with the tennis ball. He has another job – walking down the driveway by himself to fetch the newspaper every morning. Jack has an old soul that we knew would be a great fit as a therapy dog. He and Jen sure enjoy making people smile when his big, goofy, fuzzy head comes through the door!

James and Erica

James-Erica-2Hi, My name is Erica. James and I met three years ago at the Lawrence Humane Society. James was an owner surrender who had escaped from the humane society, ending up in Independence Missouri. He was malnourished, and had been hit by a car. Lucky for me he was returned to the shelter and nursed back to health. On the Saturday before Easter, my daughter called and told me there was a golden retriever that I needed to see. I hesitated for a minute and was at the shelter the next day. If ever there was an instant bond it was between James and me. As time went on I realized how much joy he brought to other people, and that is when the idea of a therapy dog came to me. Volunteering with Loving Paws is a dream come true for both of us.

Layla and Lea

MLayla-and-Lea-Vanderveldey name is Layla and this is my chauffeur, Lea. I’m a 2.5 year old Boxer. They should have named me “giggles” because my whole rear end giggles with my tail! I live on a farm outside Lawrence where I ride a four wheeler and help Mom feed and check cattle and snuggle daily (I still think I’m a lap dog!) All my two legged and four legged family moved out in May so Mom and I decided to spread a lot of love to everyone who needed it! Oh, and I’m proud to say I’m Brahma’s sister!

Lila and Morgan

I adopted Lila (previously “Travis” YUCK!) from the Lawrence Humane Society a week after my mother passed away in 2012. Lets just say I really needed some unconditional love at this point. This sweet girl was there for 5 months before I adopted her, and they told me it’s because pits and black animals are the least adopted pups. I was hesitant about getting a pit bull at first because I had no experience with them, just media jargon stuffed in my head about how vicious they are. Lila (and other pits!) is anything but vicious; she loves cats, dogs, humans, and anything/anyone that she can lick! My favorite thing that’s happened since I got her is the effect she’s had on my father. He isn’t a huge animal person, never has been, and he hated that I adopted a dog. My sweet girl changed that. Now he calls himself grandpa, gives her baths, and even lets her in the house, which no other animal has ever set foot in. That was my first sign that she could be a loving and therapeutic influence on others, so we joined the Loving Paws Program! Her favorite thing to do is go to the JDC on Mondays and she radiates love and compassion for the kids, who love her too! In short… this unwanted, black, pit bull changed my life and saved me.

Lucy and Ximena

LLucy-and-Ximenaucy is a five year old Golden Doodle. Her mom is a golden retriever and her dad is a medium sized poodle. She is my first ever dog and she became a therapy dog at the suggestion of Raven. I had never thought about it as a possibility but it has been a wonderful experience for both of us. She loves children so it is a perfect situation for us to go to the Discovery Center for the Puzzle Pieces program. She feels very proud as her one year old brother watches me put on her vest and go out the door with me. Being a therapy team has really strengthened the bond and trust between us.

Meeko and Maria

MMeeko-Mariaeeko has been my companion for 4 years now. He came to me when he was 3, from a foster home, after he had been removed from the home of a negligent owner; he came to me grossly underfed, skittish and nervous. After patiently building his trust and working to socialize him, he lost the last remnants of his disadvantaged beginnings and has come full-circle, thriving in his role as a therapy dog. Working with Loving Paws has brought out his sweet, gentle, patient nature and lets him revel in being fussed over. He especially loves working on college campuses during stress-busting sessions; we want to expand into senior citizen centers and working with the Boys & Girls Club.

Pearl and Ali‏

Pearl, a 4-year-old Great Pyrenees, has been with her family since she was 10 weeks old. While her biological parents are working livestock guardian dogs on a local farm, Pearl has dedicated herself to watching over her forever family and the king-size bed in her house. Pearl is very skilled at snuggling and she tries her best to be within reach of potential petting at all times. She is so intuitive–she just knows that loving her makes our lives better! Her best trick is nudging your hand onto the top of her head…in the event that you have forgotten your purpose. She is a true gentle giant–so calm, loving and loyal. Her favorite people to snuggle with include her mama/handler, Ali; her dad, Mike; her two-legged big sister, Hope; her four-legged big sister, Phoenix, a 13 year-old Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute mix; and her beloved kitties, Honey and Sugar. Pearl is new to Loving Paws but she is no stranger to spreading love & joy to everyone she meets. She loves walking to Hope’s school with Phoenix to pick her up and soaks up all the attention she receives from both children and adults. You can always count on a friendly smile and greeting from sweet Pearl. At 7-years-old, Hope has already determined that she wants to work with animals in some capacity; she really loves the idea of therapy dogs and sharing Pearl with others. We feel that our community is so fortunate to have such an amazing program and we are so thankful to be a part of it!

Red and Jen

RRed-and-Jened, a loveable and animated, beagle mix, found his way into Jennifer’s heart three years ago. Jennifer, a veterinary technician, always knew she wanted another furry friend in her home. Jennifer rescued Red from the Lawrence Humane Society, and soon found that he quickly become a staple in the community, making himself at home with anyone he meets! As part of the Loving Paws Animal Assisted Therapy program, Red is eager to show you how polite he can beg, and how swift he can jump through his favorite hoop. He is distinguished by his signature bow ties, and tri-colored freckled ears. One fun fact about Red is that he recently received certification and recognition by the American Kennel Club as an AKC Canine Good Citizen. Red looks forward to his many travels and bringing smiles to many faces.

Riley, Sadie, and Betty

HRiley-Sadie-and-Betty-Clicki, I am Betty Click and I am a Human Resources professional and we have lived in Lawrence for about 12 years. I have been around animals all my life and I know how much they truly enrich lives. I have always been involved with various charity groups and programs as a way to give back to the community and help make a difference for someone in need. I was drawn to Loving Paws because dogs love unconditionally and can make a difference in people’s lives no matter the situation. It is rewarding to watch the interaction between individuals and our dogs. I guarantee they will make you smile!

Sadie and Riley are my partners. Sadie is a 7 year old Goldendoodle who has a wonderful personality and beautiful smile. She loves people and loves to “lean” on everyone who pets her! Riley is a 2 year old Goldendoodle and full of energy. She is the social butterfly and loves to hold hands/paws with you. Both are very different but real pros at what Loving Paws is about and I learn from them each time we visit someone who needs a little attention and loving care.

Shakti and Raven

SShakti-Ravenhakti is a blue pit bull who was rescued 3 years ago from a shelter in Marion, Arkansas. Little did I know how much she would change my life (for the better), and what a profound impact she would have on the lives of others! Shakti is the Logo Girl and CEO (Chief Eating Officer) for Lucky Paws Bakery and was the FOUNDING DOG for Loving Paws Animal Therapy Program, Inc. Yeah…she’s a bit of a “rock star” – it’s true. With her gentle nature and her calm and loving temperament, Shakti is a true ambassador for her breed. In her free time, she enjoys romping at the dog park with her K9 siblings, running trails with her Mom and swimming! Her favorite past time is sleeping in and she loves PeaMUTT butter.

Shelby and Kami

BShelby-Kami-2io coming soon…

Stan and Jonna

HStan-and-Jonnaey there…I’m Stan ( The Mann)! This is my Mom Jonna. I found her and Dad a few years ago while wandering around looking for my family. I’m not sure what happened to them but I’m really glad I found these two!! I have a great life living in the country, playing with my sisters, climbing trees, running trails, watching over my chickens, we go camping, fishing, and Mom even takes me mountain climbing! When I’m not busy protecting the property or holding the bed down I love to play with kids. That’s why we started volunteering! I’ve met so many children and I have just as much fun as they do. I look forward to our visits every week. You should see all the smiles I get to see. It’s such a great job… I love it!!

Stella and Karen

SStella-Karen-2tella is a black Labrador retriever who was rescued from the shelter by an organization named Training to Lead when she was 1 year old. The organization then donated her to me with the hopes of one day working with kids at KVC. She joined our house with very good manners and behaviors but then she met the rest of our dog pack which consists of 3 pointers. The pointers are hunting dogs and now Stella has also proven she can perform in the field just like the boys.
Stella has some interesting habits besides being a big lovable teddy bear. She can’t stand when someone doesn’t close the bathroom door and she will close that door behind you. She loves to chew on strange objects and her favorite is blue painters tape-so that is always hidden at our house. Lastly she loves to dance with people paw to paw. Of course she loves to play fetch and tug of war with her new brothers. When dealing with people Stella loves to meet anyone and is always very interested in how people’s breath smell. She has never licked anyone yet or complained of bad breath but around our house she is definitely the nosey bathroom monitor making sure everyone has brushed their teeth and closed the bathroom door behind them.

Tiki and Meli‏

Tiki Barber came into our lives after 2 years of searching for the perfect companion. Tiki Barber is named after the former New York Giants running back and has been a joy from the moment he arrived. He loves to play fetch, enjoys waffles, car rides, and meeting new people. Tiki Barber may be small but his heart is as big as they come. He loves to learn and averages a new trick every few weeks. Tiki does most of his therapy work at First Step of Lakeview but enjoys interacting with people of all ages.

Todd and Skyler

MTodd-and-Skylar-Rossy name is Todd Maxwell, and this is my human, Skylar. I am a border collie that is almost 2 years old and loves to play. I am a member of the Prairie Disc Dogs group of Manhattan, Kansas. I live out there part time while my human studies to be a math teacher at K-State. We love to go on walks, play with anything and everything, go on hikes in the mountains, play in the water, learn new tricks, and most of all, we love meeting new people. Our goal is to make at least 1 person smile, and so far we have never failed to reach our goal! Can’t wait to meet you!

Winnie and Lana

WWinnie-Lana-2innie, who goes sometimes by her full name “Winifred,” is an almost 2 year old Goldendoodle. Winnie has been with her family since she was 7 weeks old. Her family includes her handler/mom, Lana; her dad, Jamey; and two dog brothers, Nigel and Puccini. Although some would argue that the students and staff at Sunflower Elementary are part of her family too, as she goes to work with Lana a few half days per week, who is a speech-language pathologist there.  Winnie loves to visit classrooms and greet kids and teachers.  She is a silly, loving and very sensitive dog. She LOVES to do tricks, play and meet people. Winnie loves to be busy and learn new things. She just makes people happy every place she goes.

In Loving Memory…

Charlie and Kendra

MCharlie-Kendray name is Kendra and this is my boxer Charlie. Charlie and I have just started volunteering for Loving Paws at Broken Arrow Elementary where kids get to read to Charlie. Charlie is the calmest boxer you have ever met. He loves peanut butter and orange tabby cats and is loving, kind, sweet, and a bit ornery. I’m so thankful he became part of my family nearly three years ago. I myself am a Director at Boys & Girls Club here in Lawrence and have been for four years. I have worked with children and families in a non-profit setting for over six years and am currently finishing my Masters in School and Community Counseling at Fort Hays State University. I love people and I love animals and the combination together is amazing! In my free time when I’m not working or schooling, I love to cook, sing folk music, be outside, travel to the mountains, and do yoga or exercise.

Helen and Jeanne

IHelen-and-Jeannen my life, I have experienced gratifying emotions resulting from one simple act—making a smile come onto someone’s face (someone who perhaps had not smiled in a very long while, someone much like the clients of Loving Paws.) Once, I was on the receiving end of this glorious courtesy. It occurred the moment I lay eyes on my dog, Mount St. Helen for the very first time. I remember gasping…then the smile! So, for the purpose of Loving Paws, this bio is deservedly about her (not me.) My involvement with Loving Paws is through her. She was likely born a stray somewhere in or around Cowley County, Kansas. She would have been approximately six months old when she was declared a nuisance by property owners and picked up by the Cowley County Sheriff. Her next destination was the animal shelter in Winfield. She was sick, very sick I have been told. Thin, flea infested with no hair on her tail and full of parasites. This little scavenger lingered in a crate for four weeks. During this time, no one noticed her (and no one knew what they were passing by.) After four weeks of no interest, she was one day escorted to the dreaded “put-to-sleep room.” During this very short time frame, the directors of the Winfield Correctional Facility’s prison dog training program, Hope for Hounds, arrived at the shelter to select a new student. One of them noticed her cage was empty and something about the “dog with the pink nose” provoked a “save” response. They arrived at “the room” literally in the nick of time. She was spayed that day, the first day of the rest of her life! On the following day she met her trainer, a kind, gentle, gracious inmate who could have been Captain Kangaroo’s twin. Over the next two months, she blossomed into a beautiful Dalmatian/Border Collie cross, earned 18 commands and passed her Canine Good Citizen test. I found her on Petfinder.com. She was wearing her infectious smile even then. I traveled to meet her, pay her adoption fee with a meager stash of cash that I found in mother’s purse after she died and bring Helen home the following week. I used to think that every dog was that “once-in-a-lifetime” best friend. I now know that is not the case….there is only one!